24 Weeks! February 28, 2015

This week has been all about hiccups, gas, visible kicks and cramps. It has not been the best of weeks. I thought I could control my g.i issues but, damn, did you know that you could feel nauseated, hungry and extremely bloated at the same time? I found that out this week. So, I started drinking tea (peppermint, mint and lemongrass), offered kindly by my workmate. Lo and behold, after three days of ingesting this tea, I discovered that the ingestion of lemongrass is contraindicated for pregnant women. Ha. My workmate just held her head in her hands; she was the same one who gave me aloe vera gel for my heartburn episode. She swore that she would never ever offer me anything ever again…unless I googled it first and called my doctor. She was worried that my cramps had been caused by the tea. I have become less worried about these things…especially because I feel you moving and, now, I feel your hiccups! In other news, I also saw your kicks from the outside of my belly! Your Aunt Toni took me to see Wicked and you were moving about so, so much. When we got home, had some tacos and then you went to town. I could see the little thumps! It wasn’t painful at all but it was so beautiful.

My face surely shows that I have hit the 24-weeks mark because I am all broken out…something my friend Gee pointed out today. I have to pick up this barsoap she recommended – Cetaphil soap – and I hope that helps my face out.

Oh, before I forget, here are my notables:

How far along: 24 weeks

Gender: Boy

Weight gain: 13lbs so far…no movement on the scale between Feb 13th and my doc appointment on Feb 24th.
Maternity clothes: Living in maxi dresses and my elastic band work pants.
Sleep: I am doing okay; got some charley horses and my left hip/butt cheek pain has made a comeback. Your Aunt B suggested laying on a pillow. I am trying my very best to sleep on my left side but I am not happy about it.
Best moment this month: Recognizing your hiccups! Hearing Doc say you are growing well, despite my worst imaginings…and seeing your little kicks and movement register on my belly!
Worst moment this month: The cramping and g.i issues…sleep problems…
Miss anything: Miss sleeping soundly through the night.
Movement: It has been happening a lot. You have been moving a whole lot and, despite my complaints, I am loving it. Your hiccups and movements are pretty intense but I am so glad to feel them.
Cravings: Just the usual cravings for fresh fruit.
Queasy or sick: I have had cramps this week and thrown up a little bit, but for the most part, I have been okay.
Looking forward to

: Finishing up my baby shower registry. Getting that apartment!

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