28 Weeks; March 28, 2015

I saw your face yesterday,

wonders of modern ultrasound.

You pursed your mouth, suckling for a second

and then you opened your eyes…

what a sight that was, for me to see that!

All this through ultrasound…

I always say you don’t really move

or I don’t feel you moving as much as I

feel I ought to feel you moving

but who knows…this is a first time for both of us.

The tech said you were kneeing me

but I did not feel it

and they said you looked good. Healthy.

Good, I thought.

I am amazed at our journey, little one,

and I cannot wait to meet you soon.


So, the OB, the radiologist and the tech finally decided on a due date. I thought we had one all along but, apparently, there was a bit of discrepancy so after a brief discussion, we all came to a consensus. Let’s see what you’ll have to say. I was actually contemplating adding Preemie diapers to my registry then I opted not to simply because I am not trying to put that out there in the universe. They did say you were measuring about a week and a half out from my gestational date (They assured me this is normal – give or take 2 weeks or so).

I did my gestational diabetes test and, funny thing, I did not mind the orange drink. It had been chilled for the last 4 weeks and when your Aunt Gee came to get me from work to take me to my appointment, I downed it in about 2 minutes. It tasted like Fanta to me, and I love sugar so it wasn’t sickeningly sweet as it had been described to me. What I did not like was the subsequent headache after. I had eaten a large breakfast (French Toast with eggs and sausage) and then I had thrown back a fruit smoothie then I fasted from 1300 to drink time at 1400 then I had my blood drawn at 1530 (they ran late because I had a trainee and a new doc examining me – I did not mind because we did a longer than normal ultrasound). The doc printed out the ‘face’ picture for me but, I don’t know, yene mar, it looks more like a blurry pic of Mars taken from Venus. I was pleased that they confirmed that your feet are laid up under my right boob – I swore up and down that I could feel your feet grazing me right there! Yes, you are still upside down. You have been upside down for a while now. Your head seems to be in my knees, for real. The probe was being shoved right into my vagina practically! I suppose I ought to be happy that you are head down but I am not ready for you yet. I haven’t put your crib together yet!

No results shared from the glucose test yet but the doc’s assistant told me she would call if there was anything wrong. I now have to start going to the doctor every 2 weeks. Yikes.

Your papa is getting his stuff ready and my Mayi may be able to come and help out. She just has to apply for a visa!

Ok, here are my notables:

How far along:  28 weeks today.
Gender:  Boy…still. We saw your penis in the ultrasound, just to make sure…
Weight gain: 17 lbs.
Maternity clothes: My jumpsuit still fits! And I am still in love with my maxi dress. I do need some ‘office’ wear clothes for the next 3 months for my new job!
Sleep:  It’s not bad at all. I considered a body pillow then went against it. Doing well with my three pillows so far.
Best moment this month: Seeing you moving in my belly!
Worst moment this month: When I panicked about not feeling you move for like two days…urg
Questioning: I did a registry at Target and at Babies R Us but I am so not sure what I can actually put on there. I had a little moment at BRU when I was like how many bottles do I need, what about nipples….slow flow vs medium flow…natural shape bottle or classic…oy. I had to take a step back!
Miss anything: Miss being able to stand up normally. Now I find myself doing cat-cow poses whenever I need to stand up. I cannot even roll out of bed easily anymore…
Movement: It has been great. I know you are doing more in there than is registering for me in terms of feel and sight.
Cravings: All I have been wanting is meat. Unagi, beef, chicken. And loving the smoothie and fresh juice life!
Queasy or sick: I have been okay, had cramps a bit last week but other than that, I am okay.
Looking forward to: Getting that apartment! Decorating my apartment and your little nook that I have set aside for you. Having your papa get his stuff processed!

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