Dreams, Tears and President Uhuru

During this pregnancy, my dreams have just been so trippy! First trimester consisted of dreams revolving around Stefan and Klaus from TVD. Well, last night was another amazing trip into dreamland!

What I recall is waking up really sad, almost in tears, because in my dream I had had an abortion and Austin was no longer there. I don’t know where this came from but I woke up thinking that I didn’t have my baby anymore and my tears were brimming…until I woke up and felt him moving. I went back to sleep so thankful and this time I had a dream about President Uhuru. Gosh. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum! President Uhuru will have an event in town this weekend and I think that’s what prompted this. In my dream, President Uhuru was getting fitted for a suit and I was advising him on cuts and lines. Then he held my hand and we were walking across the street to a building in the distance. Not sure how we were walking by ourselves, without bodyguards, without a crowd around us but it was just the two of us. He held my hand and we walked together. I asked him about the insecurity in Kenya and the mess around the Garissa response. He smiled at me, then I woke up.

Such vivid dreams!

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