Culinary Points from Thailand

Bangkok was an interesting (in a good way) experience for me. This was my first adventure in a land where English was not the first language. I learned how to ‘wei’, and how to say the following: hello, please, thank you, and beautiful in Thai. Many were amazed by my thick braids that, usually, due to the heat, stayed propped up on top of my head in a messy bun. On different occasions, some women on the streets kept commenting on my hair. During a trip to a monastery, some local high school students visiting that same monastery politely asked to touch my hair. Giggles all around when I tried to explain how I braided it!

In Bangkok, I had my first plate of pad thai, and it was out of this world. It came wrapped in a fried egg. I visited the floating market and ate all sorts of bits. All in all, I was amazed by the hospitality shown to me by the people that I met, and the pounds that I gained from all the amazing food I consumed – both from the street and in fancy restaurants. I shall be back, I hope.


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