The Space Between Us

I have no other words but these to say to you. I have missed you. I don’t plug in as much as I should Perhaps life has gotten in the way more often than we planned. Perhaps we both changed over time. Or perhaps we slipped away from each other… let me rephrase that with […]

Music is Life

Music plays a big role in everyday life. Before my 12 hour night shifts at the ER, I would get ready to some thumping reggae, afrobeat, pop or reggaeton music. I have reminisced about my youth to the tune of those golden oldies. Some songs remind me of my Papa when they play, and others […]

Reminiscing: Reggae on the River, California

I love going to RotR. It’s always an experience and a half. One camps, floats about on the Eel River, eats some outdoor barbecued meat and bits, enjoys some positive, love-filled music, and meets some very interesting folks. The festival has had a very colorful past, with dramatic lawsuits between producers and festival grounds owners, […]