The rain began to fall down softly, drops tapping gently against the earth. I never felt the urge to run or dash beneath an eave or leafy tree, like everyone else on the street. Instead, my pace slowed and I looked down, forcing my curls to fall in front of my face, to fight the […]


A thin thread of something unnamed hangs tautly between us, spooled and fueled, growing in intensity, but also requiring strong consideration for interspace and pragmatism. But this thread that spools so deliciously, calling and pulling on invisible threads, is of the sweet, unexpected kind. The most dangerous thread of all.      

The Post Office

He called it a damper. I stared at him blindly. I had just purchased stamps and handed over my three envelopes, addressed and sealed. He gestured behind me and I looked over my left should in the direction he was pointing. “There’s a damper”, he said. His face and demeanor were all grey. Stony grey. […]


It’s funny how an ending is never as beautiful as a beginning, when the credits begin to roll and the farewell music kicks in, the beginning is full of smiles, laughter and hope and the ending reeks of charred hope, dashed dreams and inexplicable feelings. The motors purr as the descent into the earth begins, […]