An Ode

You are beautifully and wonderfully made, each motion felt amplifies just how miraculous and awaited you are, from all corners of the world. Cocooned away, hidden from all but one, you are truly and marvelously a joy.

Lies for Peace

When you leave the country, you learn to lie. When you were 17 and leaving the 254 borders for the first time, heading out on a plane to the land of milk and honey, nobody warned you that it was not ALL milk and honey. More like really bad mala and horribly made molasses syrup. […]


The winds of change are blowing, and the sands of time scatter in hesitant and muted response. Jumbled emotions arise and uncertainty marks each step forward and back as decisions pondered, home-bases considered and discarded ideas rejuvenated. Changes are two sides of one coin, one welcomes it or despises it but, like a coin, must […]


I had a crisis while I was living in Liberia. I was living in a lovely, air-conditioned apartment that was a few hundred feet from the American embassy, with a mzungu roommate who worked for the World Bank, and I was working on public-health-capacity-building matters. I would lounge in the spacious living room, admiring the […]