A Long Trip

It was a long trip. The kind that made you feel dusty inside and beneath your skin, the sweat gathered in your pores; discussing the best exit strategy with your self for the dried upon sweat and dust that lives on, within and around you when you disembarked from the huge metal container. It was […]


Blue. That is what stands out for me in Addis Ababa. Not to say that the entire city is blue but the taxi cabs and some of the public buses are blue. And vintage. I spent a long time trying to sort out what type of cars were in use as taxis. They looked like […]

Junctions; Choices, Hair and Public Health Adventures

My journey to Ethiopia begins in 18 days. I was stuck at a crossroad a few weeks ago when I happily accepted a year-long public health director position for a very small organization that operates in three countries in Eastern Africa because, a few days later, out of the blue, I received a request for […]