You try your best not to contribute to the corruption within the system, telling yourself that change starts with you. Then your life comes to a standstill because you have refused to part with $40 in order to gain a bigger return. The bureaucracy in Kenya is mind blowing. Police stop you for speeding, ask […]

Loving Nairobi

I decided to pop into Nairobi for a short visit over the Ethiopian New Year weekend, and I am still in surprise mode. Nairobi has certainly changed; construction on some key roads is completed., there is a lot of urban stretch, and apartment buildings are a dime a dozen. Many businesses are moving from the […]


I had a crisis while I was living in Liberia. I was living in a lovely, air-conditioned apartment that was a few hundred feet from the American embassy, with a mzungu roommate who worked for the World Bank, and I was working on public-health-capacity-building matters. I would lounge in the spacious living room, admiring the […]