Over the last two weeks, I have run into your closest friends. They did not recognize me at first sight. I don’t blame them. I have changed in the last 9 years. The last time they saw me was when we were lowering you into the ground in November of 2010. One looked old. I […]


It’s funny how an ending is never as beautiful as a beginning, when the credits begin to roll and the farewell music kicks in, the beginning is full of smiles, laughter and hope and the ending reeks of charred hope, dashed dreams and inexplicable feelings. The motors purr as the descent into the earth begins, […]

Walking Wounded

I met a man with a broken heart. His eyes, if you looked closely, were sad. He dropped the veil as I looked at him, my own tears threatening to erupt. I realized there are many people walking around wounded. I was not the only one. His dance moves hid the pain etched within him. […]