I hesitated, not wishing to call it out. My cards splayed out on the table, the dealer looking at me expectantly …and you? Your cards are held close to your chest and I cannot tell what floats in your eyes, and the dealer perhaps knows, but His face remains neutral. You steal glances at me, […]


Stuck in the middle of a place you never thought you’d see or be, halfway between a beautiful yes and a shattering scream, unable to plod forward or even look back at where you came from to sort out if time travel is possible, to that time when everything was magical.        

Not Sure

She was not sure what it was. No words that she could put her finger on, confidently, could describe the feeling in her heart…was it in her heart? It felt like the bubbles exploded in her stomach, across her thighs, slamming against her chest and gushing all over her back. It was a warm feeling, […]

Paint Job

It’s strange, this feeling… these feelings that are burning within, from an unknown point, a genesis unfamiliar. You aren’t supposed to paint my insides like this, like you can see clear right through to my depths, my unknowns that I have sought to hide for eons and ages. I thought you were half-knocking, and I […]