Huh? Ati?

Mama Bear came out today but I reined her in kiasi. Let me explain. I have a new nanny. She started about a month ago. When I compare her to my holy grail of nannies (Betty took care of Austin from when he was about 7 months to when he hit 2 years and 4 […]


Today he said water like a Kenyan. The letters of the word sliding and colliding into each other, the hard t leading the onslaught. ‘Mummy, I’d like to have some woh-tah’ I looked at him and asked him to repeat… He thought perhaps I was asking him to ask politely and he repeated: ‘May I […]

Brightest Spot

You narrated your shopping list very matter-of-factly. Yogurt, strawberries, milk, cereal. When I mentioned broccoli, you very clearly said no. It was definitely not on your list. This discussion was held at 2056, as we were preparing for bed. The question that had been posed – What will we do tomorrow morning? Supermarket. Then the […]


It’s Mother’s Day Weekend, and we have already spent half this weekend together. You and I. You jumping all over me, pulling my hair, hacking at my feet with your imaginary fire ax (which toddler knows what this is, sincerely?) and me fighting you off as you throw yourself into the sky and launch yourself […]