Words and Grief

She lost her father recently. And I do not know how to comfort her. Cliché after cliché bubbles up as I contemplate how to be there for her, To tell her what she wants to hear and not what I think the world wants me to say. Words fail me. Emotions overcome me. I am […]

Have To

Whispers of silence float up and clog your ears, tapping on your eardrum loudly, asking the question that is stuck in your throat and burns the back of your mouth.   Bundles of nothing fry between your ears, wisping into smoky tendrils of uncertainty, begging you to structure the base of your dream that now […]

A and Z

The polarity of life showed itself today. I celebrated the news of a new life, shared by a friend, and then an hour later, my heart was breaking in disappointment for the dissolution of a marital union. On one hand, my heart was overflowing with joy for this new life that will grace us in […]

That Feeling

Love feels like a warm breeze against bare skin, caressing you gently and cupping you within an embrace that whispers promises of never letting you go, and never dropping your porcelain heart onto the cold cement floor.