Over the last two weeks, I have run into your closest friends. They did not recognize me at first sight. I don’t blame them. I have changed in the last 9 years. The last time they saw me was when we were lowering you into the ground in November of 2010. One looked old. I […]


It’s funny how an ending is never as beautiful as a beginning, when the credits begin to roll and the farewell music kicks in, the beginning is full of smiles, laughter and hope and the ending reeks of charred hope, dashed dreams and inexplicable feelings. The motors purr as the descent into the earth begins, […]

Our Boy/Their Man

The newspaper said he was a man. But he is or was a boy. He had barely gone past the larger double digits that marked his second decade of life. The newspaper called him a man. His papa called him Junior, and he looked like he was all of 12. The newspaper called him a […]

Words and Grief

She lost her father recently. And I do not know how to comfort her. Cliché after cliché bubbles up as I contemplate how to be there for her, To tell her what she wants to hear and not what I think the world wants me to say. Words fail me. Emotions overcome me. I am […]

Repost: “My Thoughts on Phobias…and What’s Taking Place in South Africa”

Repost from: My name is Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi. I am a Nigerian. Born in Nigeria to two Nigerian parents. Raised in Queenstown, Eastern Cape by those same Nigerian parents right up until I completed my Bachelors at Stellenbosch. Growing up in South Africa, I was always reminded by those around me that I was different […]


It’s a bittersweet Easter this year. One of my closest friends lost her niece. Her text said, “…has gone to rest” and I didn’t believe it at first. Because her niece was 27 years old. Who dies suddenly at 27? If you knew Georgina, you knew her giant appetite for life, her zeal…I mean she […]