Reminiscing: Reggae on the River, California

I love going to RotR. It’s always an experience and a half. One camps, floats about on the Eel River, eats some outdoor barbecued meat and bits, enjoys some positive, love-filled music, and meets some very interesting folks. The festival has had a very colorful past, with dramatic lawsuits between producers and festival grounds owners, with a name change after more than 15 years, and then it reverted back to the ‘old’ name. One thing remains, they do bring some great entertainment to Humboldt County, California, and the redwoods around there. Click on any the pictures below to see them in gallery format:

3 thoughts on “Reminiscing: Reggae on the River, California

    • It’s an awesome festival that has been going for a more than ten years out there in the middle of nowhere. You fly to SF Airport, then drive another 3 hours to camp on the grounds and enjoy some positive vibes for 3 days. Thanks for stopping by and reading! See you at RotR 2013! This year has Morgan Heritage and Tarrus Riley playing the stage, my favorites…

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