Inbox Love?

I love music. I usually rely on music to hype me up for work, for trips, for passing the time as I people watch and for, you know, life. So, I signed up for ‘soundcloud’ and I absolutely love it. My favorite deejays post their mixes and I get to listen to hour-plus straight mixes of reggae, Afrobeat, new jack swing, dancehall or whatever mishmash I can find musically. I discovered an awesome mix by Uproot Andy and Chief Boima of a famous Kenyan song, a throwback from 1979, by Les Wanyika: Sina Makosa (‘I have done no wrong‘ OR ‘It’s not my fault‘) and I have been playing it on repeat endlessly for the last four days.

Soundcloud also allows me to ‘follow’ people who may have some sets of music that interest me, thereby opening up pathways for me to discover new mixes, new deejays and interesting mashups.

I absolutely love However, I have noticed something funny. I suppose people are definitely looking for love or hook-ups online but they are not willing to pay for an account on or eHarmony, and consider themselves too classy to prowl Craigslist. Well, it seems they are landing in my inbox, buoyed along by the idea that they may sort of know me, based on the quick look judgement at the sets and music pieces that I have indicated that I ‘like’ on the site. In one glance, one may think that I am a pro-herb, traveling international hippie based on the number of reggae sets that I have liked on soundcloud. In real life, I do not smoke. I love reggae and I am international but I am far from a hippie. I am a public health nut, focused on championing the health service needs of vulnerable populations. But it’s hard to pick music that reflects this appropriately and to a tee. Like most people, I ‘like’ music that I like. Growing up on dancehall and reggae, new jack swing…you get the gist.

Some have decided that a direct approach is their go-to mode of attack. Sorry, mode of flirtation. Word for word, though I retracted his email and obscured his government name, here is one: “hi,hope u r k…, i come from xxxx and i saw your profile pic n kinda wanna meet u. you can send me your info through my email, you n have a good day”. I am not sure if the presumptuous tone was what pushed me over the edge or if it was the spelling and grammar issue. Then there was another that was just short and so far from sweet:’your photo looks cool. can we…’ and I shall let you fill in that blank. I filled it in myself and almost turned purple with indignation.

In a world where your profile picture makes or breaks you, be it under the watchful snooping eyes of potential employers who cruise the avenues and alleys of social media, gathering extra information on interviewees, or when your crush checks out your social media sites to see how you are living, and with whom, should I sabotage myself and post a random picture of a random object or, better yet, a pet whose image I culled from Google Images by searching for ‘Cutest pet images”? I don’t know about you but I prefer to have my best face picture representing me out there. My profile picture for soundcloud is the same one I have for this blog so I try and stay consistent. Well, that and it’s an awesome selfie picture that I absolutely love since it’s one of the few where I am turned full face and smiling to the camera.Thankfully, soundcloud allows you to mute someone so they are unable to cyberfollow you. And even if they find you within social media, I am glad that there are options that allow you to ignore a friend request or a poorly spelled romantic request. Before this, I had received a marriage proposal from some stranger in Mombasa in my inbox on Facebook. Yeah, needless to say, I cleaned up my settings promptly. Has this ever happened to you? Does this happen to men?

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