Graduation Dress (Maybe…)

So, I have decided to go all out and rock an African outfit for my graduation in two weeks. I have the fabric (East African khangas), the machine, the threads, the pins and all the bits and bobs that I need. All that was left from this list was the pattern. I am not an accomplished dressmaker, as shown by the last dress that I tried to make. It squished my chest together, making the tatas seem like one continuous lumpy ham fighting beneath the fabric. However, I discovered my frock. The first person that I ever subscribed to on YouTube was this little lady. Her YT channel was previously named BritPopPrincess but she now goes by Patricia Bright; she has always been a bright spot in my day. She is always entertaining. Her hubby as well, when he joins her, just tickles me to pieces.

Anyway, she recently had on this beautiful and simple dress and posted this on Instagram (@pattyolovesu). I am going to attempt to remake it but with African print instead. I hope I can.


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