The Space Between Us

I have no other words but these to say to you.

I have missed you.

I don’t plug in as much as I should

Perhaps life has gotten in the way

more often than we planned.

Perhaps we both changed over time.

Or perhaps we slipped away from each other…

let me rephrase that with more honesty,

perhaps I pulled away from you.

Unaware of how big a role you played in my life

for my happiness, for my peace of mind.

I missed you more than I knew…

I wondered where I had gone, where the me

that I knew had disappeared to,

and the truth is,

I let you out of my life,

and I missed you.

I needed you and I had no idea.

The space between us

let in flickers and grains of

doubt, fear, shaken cores and

an open route for heartbreak.

Music is life, and I am letting you back in

Yes to my reggae beats, my pop pumps and

my new jack swing.

Yes to music.

I am never leaving you again.

The space between us

will never be.

I am letting you back in



Music is life, and my life needs music.

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