Loving Ethiopia

It’s easy to love you, really.
You’re easy to get and uncomplicated…
once one gets past all the holiday
and cultural etiquette required
to survive and thrive here.

It’s easy to see the kindness within you,
in the smiles of strangers,
and in the invite to drink bunna together…
in the drape of that white scarf,
off to attend church or to ward off cold.

It’s easy to fall for you,
you’re a country full of proud people,
untouched by the cynicism of neo-colonialism.
Capitalism has not fully strained you
and you remain yourself

Quick to invite a stranger for coffee ceremony,
so open to showing one how to iskistar,
the flirtatious smiles from your people,
warm embraces and cheek-kisses for hello and
makes one anxious to stay longer
in your embrace, Ethiopia.

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