12 Weeks, 2 Days – December 4, 2014

So, I had my second ever ultrasound this past Wednesday. It was actually a special ultrasound specifically for nuchal translucency since I am AMA (advanced maternal age). Ha. I am right on the cusp since I turned 35 this past July. Well, I was waiting to start blogging until I hit the 12 week mark. I have told a few people, some really close friends, and it has been great having the support of my mom-friends. The ones I call when I have a slight panic over whether I am suffering from pseudocyesis (fake pregnancy) or whether the ‘bump’ thing in my ultrasound is from my Baby A eating my Baby B and dumping the body in my uterus…(morbid, I know…too much Law and Order, or CSI or Vampire Diaries). My friends have really helped me out since my guy is still out of country so friends like Toni went with me to the first ultrasound after I kept panicking over whether I was carrying twins or having pseudocyesis, friends like Serena calmed me down when I was in a tizzy over what that ‘bump’ in the ultrasound pic was, friends like Eva gave me tips on how to manage my evening ‘morning’ sickness. All in all, I have had some great support. Back to this NT ultrasound; I was a bit nervous especially after the genetic counselor went over all the possible tests covered by my insurance and what it meant for my baby to have African heritage. I never knew so many genetic illnesses existed and I never knew I would be so glad that I am African. As the GC noted, my being African canceled out most of the genetic disorders.

So, off to the ultrasound room. Thankfully, it was a ‘belly’ one this time so no transvag. It was still so cool to see the baby. He/She was sleeping this time around and the tech tried to wake the baby up by poking at my belly and all that happened was that I erupted in laughter and almost peed my pants because my bladder was super full. Still, GummyBear was super asleep. We could see the heart beating so I did not worry about whether GB was asleep or in distress. All my NT measurements were normal. I think it’s awesome that the State of California covers these tests. I don’t think they would have done these tests in the 254 or in the 251. The NT ultrasound measures the fluid that lies behind the neck of the baby and if it falls outside a certain range, that result coupled with some blood tests taken a week earlier are enough to indicate likely presence of Down’s Syndrome and some other genetic illnesses whose descriptions I promptly forgot once the tech said everything looked great and the neck measurement was ‘exquisite’!

Anyway, I am psyched that they gave me a couple of print-out sheets of the ultrasound pics and a disc with a 5-second video (I wish it was 10 – 15 seconds!).

I am so excited. I am still prone to panic attacks so I cannot wait for when I can feel the GB kicking. What an adventure!

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