21 Weeks, 4 Days; February 10, 2015

I saw you yesterday. The tech said you have long legs and everything looks great. She measured your bladder, some ventricle in your brain, the size of your head etc and I am so glad you are doing well. Heart rate was 153 bpm which is fantastic. I did see you moving your little arm about and you, at one point, turned your face to the ultrasound wand. We also got a brilliant side profile shot of your face and your little lips. Gosh, I cannot wait to meet you. Your Aunt Toni picked me up and came with me and it was really nice to have her there.

Well, my appetite, rather my hunger cues, have disappeared. I eat one meal and I feel full for hours and then all of a sudden, it hits me that I have not eaten since 1300 and it is heading to 2200. I have to really do better on getting healthy snacks in and learning when to say no to food because I will eat that small portion and then my belly will be distended for hours! Not a good feeling.

No major pains yet. I did try to take a nap at work the other day during my break and I tried to cradle my head in my arms, positioning them on the table and the belly was not having it. I also was at the grocery store, purchasing something and I tried to pull the cart past me so I could place my purchases in it and I kept wondering why it was not budging past me…I then quickly realized that the belly is in the way. I suppose you have grown so much over the last month, it astonishes me. I still think I don’t look pregnant…I think I look like I hit the nachos and beer pretty hard the night before…the swell of my belly looks so different from your Aunt B’s belly with Baby J.

I also told Mama A about you last night. It was bitter sweet but she was really happy for me. She wished me nothing but the best and she mentioned that you should have been her grandchild. I know that feeling. However hard it is, your Papa is now in my life and as much as I miss Attika and no matter how much I wanted to have a family with him before he passed, you are my gift now and I hope you know how loved and awaited you are. From the A family to my family to your Papa’s family. I also spoke with your Grandpa last night and he was really happy to hear from me. You are one awaited baby, little guy!

Oh, before I forget, here are my notables:


How far along: 21.4 weeks
Gender: Oh, still a boy. Sort of loving that you are a boy. I will need your Papa to take you to the barber shop and teach you how to pee…:-)
Weight gain: No weigh-ins this week
Maternity clothes: My one work shirt doesn’t fit as well anymore. I did get the belly bands from my friend and I LOVE them. I also got some long tanks from Forever21 that are so comfortable. That’s it, really. I may need to stock up on one more shirt for work but I think that’s it. I shall be living in maxi dresses and my one jumpsuit…though it also feels tight…
Sleep: I have been doing WAY better.
Best moment this month: Having my anatomy ultrasound and hearing that heartbeat. It never gets old. I cannot wait to meet you, my son.
Worst moment this month: The loss of my hunger cues…and the loss of appetite.
Miss anything: Miss your Papa, as always. Sometimes I want to just go to where he is and stare at his face but I suppose we shall see him soon enough.
Movement: It had decreased and I was a bit concerned. BUT when you waved your arm during the ultrasound and I did not feel it, I felt a lot better at not feeling every little movement that you probably do! You do move a lot more at night…a hengist perhaps?
Cravings: Well, I craved veggies today. So I stopped and got broccoli and spinach.
Queasy or sick: I feel absolutely great. Sometimes I get really tired especially after work but I get home and do light stretches and I feel better.
Looking forward to: My unconventional babymoon in a few weeks – yes, Rugby, Vegas, Hengs, Sun. My favorites. **still the plan**

3 thoughts on “21 Weeks, 4 Days; February 10, 2015

  1. I love the idea of writing letters to your baby. I think it would be a nice idea to make a “pregnancy scrapbook” or something containing these letters, notes, pictures, etc.

    • Great idea, ma. I have swung from writing to him or just writing to write it all out…but I do like that idea. I have a preg journal…and perhaps I can print these out and add them there next to the pics…thanks for the idea!

      • Yea, even if you write it all out, you can filter the pieces down to thoughts, phrases, milestones, etc to incorporate in your project. You’re welcome!

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