Palm Sunday Musings

I have been uber busy this weekend. My plan was to have a lazy weekend; watch movies and stay in mostly. Well, Saturday was gloriously beautiful – I mean, I live in Southern California, and I love the sun on my skin so I decided to venture out. I tried a local bakery, loved it. I think I will use them for my baby shower sweets/cake (writes note to self).

I also found a church that I love. I went to a church last week and the experience was pretty blerkh. And when I went to St James in Redondo today, I realized why I liked this church so much better. I was surrounded by my favorite demographic; little old ladies. I stood taller than all of them. They loved my bump, and they were so sweet, introducing me to everyone, including the priest, giving me hugs when time came to give the sign of peace. In the other church I went to last week, all I got were very limp and, from one or two people, very damp handshakes. Maybe because today was Palm Sunday, they put on a special drama piece to signify the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem and as my friends know, I am a sucker for anything drama-centric! The vocalist was spectacular. I mean I cannot sing so when she was sopranoing it up, I was just amazed. I didn’t even lip sync as I usually do. I really liked this church. I am not an Every-Sunday-At-Church type of girl but since I got little Gummy Bear going, I do feel more spiritual and thankful to a higher being. SO I have decided that when I am doing mass, St James is where it shall be! (Plus they have doughnuts, juice, tea and coffee right after mass – I inhaled a chocolate covered, cream-filled doughnut the size of Texas…yes, my happy place).

My friend Renee is an amazing vocalist and all round performer. I have known her for a decade and a half, almost. She had a 1630 performance today (Sunday) at what used to be my old local from when I was barely 21 and I just had to go. It was kicking! The small unicorn only woke up towards the end when the funk had just gone up to another level before I left. Fun but tiring.

I am looking forward to my first real week at my new job. I am feeling blessed, really.



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