30 Weeks; April 11, 2015

I had another visit to the doc today. I started my every-two-weeks schedule now and I do not particularly like it. You leave work early, get to the doc’s on time and then you wait an hour only to see the doc for about ten minutes. I am glad it was on a Friday though because I didn’t have to go back into work after spending a good 150 minutes in the waiting room. And, by the way, Dads or accompanying non-pregnant partners, I get that you want to be next to your loved one as you guys wait to see the doc but, man, think about the pregnant ladies who have to stand while you are seated comfortably next to your preggers. I mean, I know your girlfriend/wife has to sit down but this one guy was actually sprawled out, his head on his girl’s shoulder, sleeping and barely two feet away was a heavily pregnant woman who obviously needed a seat. I was irritated by this. I stood up for a while there and I am not that super pregnant (ok, maybe I am) but still…granted my doctor’s office is on the smaller side but there is only a wooden bench, two plush couches and a stand-along upright chair. Wouldn’t you want to stand up and give up your seat for a pregnant lady? One lady had her son with her and he looked like he was about 7 or 8. He could have taken the arm of the couch, I’m just sayin’…and the sleeping guy? Well, he could have stood up and let that super duper pregnant mama sit down. She looked about ready to pop!

Anyway, I had my visit. Got to hear Austin’s heartbeat with the portable machine and the NP trainee showed me how to differentiate between the fetal tones heard through the cord (whooshes a bit more) and right over the heart (more horse-galloping type sounds). He sounded great, tones were on point.

The only worry, if I can even call it that, was that I had lost a pound since my last visit two weeks ago. I have no idea how that happened. I haven’t been eating as healthily as I think I ought to be. I mean, I had cupcakes for dinner one night last week. For the most part, I still don’t have my hunger cues and I have to force myself to eat at certain times instead of waiting to feel hungry. So, breakfast at 0800, lunch at 1130, snacks at 1430, dinner at 1900, late night snack at 2100 then off to bed. They suggested we see how it goes in two weeks when I come back for my next visit.

Ok, here are my notables:

How far along: 30 weeks

Gender: Boy. Still. Despite some old lady telling me that I was carrying too high for it to be a boy…that ‘high’ was my breakfast, lady!

Weight gain: 18lbs. Minus 1lb from two weeks ago.

Maternity clothes: Living in maxi dresses, summer dresses. No maternity clothes really. Loving the belly bands that Anyes gave me…so still rocking my regular jeans and tshirts…Work shirts still fit!

Stretch marks?: None yet. Doing a bit of coconut oil, raw shea butter and J&J Baby Oil Gel to try and keep them at bay

Sleep: I have been having some dreams! First, my friend passed away and I dreamt about her…we were crossing a river and she was holding me, my head on her shoulder and she was comforting me and encouraging me. Such a beautiful dream of Georgina, may she rest in peace. Another one was some days after I watched ‘American Odyssey’ – a new series on NBC – and I dreamt about the second episode which comes out on Sunday. Trippy.

Best moment this month: Feeling more movements…even when I am not eating! Starting my new job and having really good insurance! Plus Renee’s friend volunteered her house for my baby shower – I was so touched!

Worst moment this month: Waiting to hear back on my sister’s labor and delivery after she had DVT earlier on…I tossed and turned, imagining the worst…especially when my mother wasn’t communicating with me. I knew she had gone to the O.R. and I was imagining her bleeding out on the table because of her Heparin…Oy. Thankfully, she (and my nephew) came out on the other side quite alright! Another one – getting into a fight over whatsapp with your Papa because I was being super emotional and he was being very reasonable (now that I cooled down, had a cupcake and thought it through)…we sorted it out though 🙂

Miss anything: Miss Girls Night Out!

Movement: I had been worried that movement had decreased BUT then you started moving spontaneously…without me having to eat!

Cravings: Nothing really crazy – just whenever I think of something, it becomes a must-have-item. Meat,fruit, cupcakes. Plus I ate pizza and alfredo sauce recently…and you seem to love it because you move around a whole lot after those meals!

Labor Signs: No. Not even Braxton Hicks…

Symptoms: A lot of gas. A lot, a lot of gas.

Belly Button in or out?: Out. Normally it’s out anyway but it seems more pronounced…

Wedding rings on or off?: Rings are on…

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy.

Queasy or sick: Nada. Just tired at the end of my day. Oh yeah, I can’t take naps any more at work…no more cubicle life!

Looking forward to: My baby shower!!

6 thoughts on “30 Weeks; April 11, 2015

  1. 30 weeks. only gained 18lbs and no stretch marks?! you’re doing great. i likely would have gained 50lbs by now. LOL. and a ton of fresh stretch marks. Glad you’re happy and looking forward to the baby show. Congrats again.

    • I have to thank my shea butter, coconut oil and j&j baby oil gel for the no stretch marks! As far as the weight gain, there’s more to come, I am sure…especially with my cravings for sweets and my aversion to exercise…lol…thanks for your congratulatory wishes, ma!

      • I wish I knew about all that back in the day when I had kids! LOL. Well yea, you have about 10 weeks +/- to go. A few pounds should be expected but nothing crazy. I kid you not, I went from like 125 to 192 when I had my daughter. You will be way under that range. lol

      • Ha, that’s a range…125 to 192 🙂 My friend also had a similar range when she had her daughter some time back. Shea butter and coconut oil is what it’s all about! This is my first attempt with shea butter and so far, so good. In Kenya, we deal mostly with coconut oil…

    • Oh yeah, I can’t believe how time has flown! How are your girls doing? Can’t wait to see how they’ve grown!! Thank you for your comment!

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