Week 37.5; June 3, 2015

I was out running errands after work the other day and I pulled into a parking spot. After taking care of some things inside the building, I waddled walked out to find a white van parked in the spot next to mine, on my driver’s side. I tried to open my door to get into my car but the van, though parked within the painted white lines marking their spot limits, was a bit too close to allow me and my girth to successfully maneuver into my car. I stood there for about 5 seconds, trying to see if I could crawl in from the passenger side. Nope, no go. Far too tired for acrobatics. I did pull those moves when I was 28-31 weeks, when the belly was not as, uhm, prominent. I had to walk back up to the building and kindly ask the security guard to get the driver and, luckily, he was understanding enough to go inside and holler around for the driver. The driver popped out in less than 3 minutes and was

so apologetic. Another thing I love about being pregnant, people tend to be very nice to you…especially when you are nearing the end, walking ever so slowly or stopping to visibly catch your breath in public. He reversed his car, I managed to get into mine at that point and both of us went on our merry way, laughing at the absurdity of it all.

I know I will miss my bump when he gets here but man, these last two weeks (or less, if he decides to exit early) feel like they are dragging! Every morning now, I wake up thinking, ‘Maybe today is the day…’ immediately followed by, ‘No, not yet…I have some stuff I need to finish for work…a business trip…wrapping up an event…’ etc, etc, etc!

My house is as ready as it will be for a little one’s arrival and I have tried to cover every base. My hospital bag is not super complete yet BUT I suppose I can do that later today…

How far along: 37 weeks, 5 days

Gender: Boy – will ask my Doctor to confirm again just in case…

Weight gain: 27 lbs during last week’s appointment

Maternity clothes: I think I am done with squeezing into my regular jeans and pulling a belly band over them. The zipper feels like it is cutting into me when I wear regular jeans and don’t zip them up. I have taken to wearing more dresses and work slacks (with the belly bands that Anyes gave me)

Sleep: I have been handling it. I wish I could nap more…Wait, I claim it. I WILL nap more!

Best moment this month: Getting an ultrasound pic print that showed your face! Definitely has my lips…

Worst moment this month: This emotional roller coaster! Urgh.

Miss anything: I miss being able to move fast, play tennis and not being able to drop down to pick up stuff when I drop it. Oy.

Movement: Oh, there’s movement. I love it. Sometimes. Yesterday, we were at a work meeting and little man decided to start squirming AND hiccupping. It was hilarious because the bump was under the table but my face showed it all…leading my colleague to ask,’Is it time? Is it time!?’ Ha.

Cravings: I am still prone to suggestion…and now I really am into sweets! More so than ever,

Queasy or sick: Nope, nothing. Well, the other day I sort of threw up a little bit. I think I just ate too fast…

Looking forward to: the post-partum life 🙂

Stretch marks?: None yet. But maybe after he comes, they will show up?

Labor Signs: No. I did have what I thought were contractions at work but I stood up, did deep breathing and the feeling went away.

Symptoms:  I am one very tired mama. I wish my leave started this week!

Belly Button in or out?: Out, and now it’s stretched out!

Wedding rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: a little bit moody – I got super sad the other day after a conversation with a lady at the store. She wasn’t mean or anything, in fact we talked really nicely. I think she made me realize what Unicorn will miss by not being here and that got to me.

Looking forward to: Meeting this chubster!

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