Week 38.6; June 11th, 2015

What will I miss about being pregnant?

I will miss the belly…a little bit. I will miss feeling the kicks, the turns and the tickles. Even when I am laugh-pleading with Baby ASW to stop, it feels great to feel that movement.

What will I not miss?

The lack of comfort during sleep. Constant feeling that I need to nap. ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME.

Being prohibited from eating sushi. Being able to walk at a normal rate – I have visibly slowed down these last two weeks. My doctor’s office  was like, yeah you usually come in all energetic, bouncing off the couch and all…and today, you are visibly dragging. I just feel super tired all the time. I woke up this morning, for example, by 0600, psyched to head to work early before my weekly appointment at 0900. I had breakfast. Then all I wanted to do was to sleep. 

In other news, I am so pleased because I am expecting my mom to arrive next week! I hope this little guy waits for his grandma to arrive before he pops out. We lucked out and got her an embassy appointment in a matter of three days and her interview process went well. I am so glad my baby sister and I worked together to make sure she got through it!

I also got a humidifier from one of my oldest friends – best thing ever. I don’t wake up with dried bloody stuff in my nose any longer. I never knew how handy these things were! Another long-term friend (I have known them both since high school) sent me a Baby Bullet. I really did not register for one because, honestly, I hadn’t thought about it but once I unwrapped it, I was like OH YEAH. I realize that time will fly and before I know it, Baby Aus will be 4 months and it will be time to start trying blended foods!

Ok, what else can I randomly talk about?

My doctor asked me if I would like to get induced once my mom gets here. I am so afraid of that Ptocin pain but he reassured me that we can do natural stuff like a membrane sweep…I dunno though…I said we can wait and see what Aus wants to do.

I am trying to wrap up stuff at work and it feels like I may not be able to finish things out before I have to take some time off. It is just so tiring to head to work, fight sleep, try to maneuver around with my big belly – this baby seems like he could be about 60 pounds already! When I sleep these days, I can feel his weight pushing into my ribs. Especially when I sleep on the recommended left side, because I have had some ‘popping’ ribs issues on that side, I feel his weight pushing into my ribcage and it hurts. I feel like my left side ribs are about to break! Popping ribs – my ribs on my left side, especially the top ones kind of pop in and out…like the top of a can that pops in and out, the canning lids that need to pop to show that the cans had been sealed right…ya know? So these ribs, when I lay on my left side, get that heavy baby weight all on them. Doc showed me that his booty is right up under my left boob and when I sleep on that left side, all his weight is on these popping ribs. I am afraid because I think he will break my ribs!

I packed my hospital bag. Nothing exciting really. I need more snacks.

Well, I think it could be any day now so it’s a matter of waiting for little man to decide he’s ready.


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