Finally…40 Weeks; June 20, 2015

Today was my last Saturday without a baby in my arms. My doctor and I have decided to induce my labor tomorrow with an eye for having baby here by Monday. One thing he is sure of is that this little guy is not so little. There is the worry that he will get so big if I wait so I will have to have a c-section, something I hope to avoid. I am flexible though so if it comes down to having to go that route, I am good. I just need my baby to come out healthy and beautiful!

My last notables!

How far along: 40 Weeks

Gender: Boy (unless Monday brings me a surprise…)

Weight gain: I plateau’d these last three weeks – I have gained 28 pounds this entire pregnancy

Maternity clothes: Loving some long maternity t-shirts I got from Ross last week…I have been living in one, paired with the bottom half of my jumpsuit or my Express stretch pants, for the last week or so…

Sleep: I have been okay BUT this little man is heavy! I can barely turn over in bed when I have to flip over. Urgh. I am excited to sleep on my back soon!!

Best moment this month: Agreeing with the doctor that by 6/22/15, my little man will be here. Yay. Talking more and more with your Papa as his anxiety rises, your delivery date draws closer and I am surprisingly calm…Surviving a work business trip that consisted of a hotel stay away from home AND not going into labor! Everyone had their eyes on me each time I went to the bathroom, though…and I felt pressure to pee as fast as possible and get back, in case someone thought I was in labor in the bathrooms 🙂

Worst moment this month: Thinking that my amnio fluid was leaking…and getting rushed into my doc’s office only to discover it was, apparently, normal discharge. Well, it was a relief. But still, damn! Nobody tells you the discharge gets all super waterfalls-lake-ocean like towards the end…

Miss anything: Miss sushi. Hendricks. And NOT waddling…

Movement: Hiccups have been maddeningly HUGE. Like my entire belly moves forward!

Cravings: I haven’t had any suggestions that have seized me lately. I am tired, I think, and I just want to meet the baby so I am eating whatever at this point. I had a crabcake at a work thing and this one girl almost had a heart attack…it was just one. And I think I am allowed.

Queasy or sick: Not at all. I just feel very ‘FULL’

Looking forward to: Meeting my son.

Stretch marks?: No way, lordy, they showed up last week…little angry welts of red…placed around my belly button…yep, I lost that fight!

Labor Signs: No. I did have some Braxton Hicks type belly tightening beginning before last Sunday but that’s it. Nothing else.

Symptoms: Oh yes, my belly is waaay out. My facial acne is still acting up…I cannot wait for my first post-natal facial and deep tissue massage!!!

Belly Button in or out?: Out and stretched like a yoga pose…:-)

Wedding rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: As the time draws closer, a little bit of anxiety but I have been mostly happy. A bit frustrated sometimes but I have learned to breathe and let go.

Looking forward to: Meeting my little boy.

My mother arrived safely and we are working out between me wanting her to relax before baby gets here and her wanting to do more! I told her not to worry, once this little man is here, she will be uber busy…she’d better rest up now.

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