Meeting Austin.

He arrived at 0557 on June 24, 2015. A bundle weighing 9lbs 10z. Dr. Jamie was right – he was a big baby. And what a set of lungs..!

My birth story:

I went in for an induction on Tuesday, June 23rd at 0530 and they gave me Cytotec orally to start me off. For the next six hours, I was there in my hospital bed, my mom chilling in a chair in the room, while I listened to reggae and an African music mix. And I facebooked and whatsapped. After the six hours, I was still 2 – 3 cm dilated and about 60% effaced. They gave me vaginal Cytotec and watched me for another six hours. I continued chilling and started feeling some pressure in my lower back and more tightening of my belly. It was interesting because the nurse walked in and asked me my pain scale and I answered,’I dunno…a three…’ then I asked about the contractions…she said that I was actually talking through one at that exact moment AND it looked like a big one. Honestly, it was more uncomfortable than anything else. I only had fluids running in via IV and no pain meds. I got up to go to the bathroom at one point and the nurse was helping me – she asked if I had noticed if my water had broken. I said I didn’t think so. Well, when I went to pee, I felt a little trickle which I assumed was urine. I peed. Stood up and as I opened the door, I was like, ‘er…maybe this is extra pee?’ and the water trickled down my leg. It was not a gush, it really felt like a little bit of urine released. SO they got me back on the bed…and my doctor came in later to check on me. By the by,  I love my doctor. He was so calm and nice and seemed genuinely excited to see me and check my progress.

They wanted to put a Cook’s Foley in me because I was only STILL dilated at 2-3cm with no changes, really, but my cervix had thinned a little bit. This was 12 hours after my arrival. I still wasn’t in pain but I did feel uncomfortable every time my belly tightened and I felt the pressure in my lower tummy and back area. Uncomfortable enough to grab the side of the bed and do yoga-breaths but I was still able to talk to my two friends who came to hang out in my room and keep me company.

After they started pitocin, everyone assumed Austin would soon make his entry into the world. Yep. Didn’t happen. I was on that for around an hour and a half and I kept asking when I would get cut off from getting an epidural because I was so afraid the pain would suddenly attack me! At around 2am, I felt a lot more intensity especially as my belly continuously tightened and released. I could feel a dull ache in my lower belly area. I HATED it when the nurses came in to check me – my first three were super gentle and apologetic and that made it easier for me to manage. My third nurse was sweet – she said to me, hey you can have an epidural any time…if the anesthesiologist is in a csection, it would take 45 minutes for him to get to me. So at around 2 am, I asked for an epidural as the edges of pain began to creep through my ‘uncomfortable”-ness. Surprisingly, the anesthesiologist popped up like 4 minutes later – my nurse prepped me and my friend Renee was asked to step out of the room. My mom had passed out on the overnight couch but woke up as they were prepping me for the epidural. I loved my nurse. She set me up, placed her hands on my shoulders and basically coached me through the process. The anesthesiologist wasn’t too bad either. The process was painful. Well, weird painful. I actually cried out. After he put it in, he had to redo it one more time. Then my pump stopped working – an occlusion of some sort – so he re-taped the stuff on my back. He had to do it three times. BUT what sweet relief! My nurse had to leave to be in an emergency csection so someone else took over. She was nice but damn, we didn’t click like I had with the other three nurses. She checked me and I almost died. She was so so rough.

Dr Jamie came in at about 5 am to check on me. I was still 2-3cm dilated, 80% effaced at this point, and he was kinda smiling because he asked me about my pain and I was basically just chilling. He noted that nothing was happening really and Austin seemed to be actually in reverse…he was -3 at that point. We discussed it and opted to wait until 7am to see if there was any movement from the pitocin (apparently I was having constant contractions at this point). Well, that changed 18 minutes later when the doctor came back in and said the ward was busy so I had two choices: c-section NOW or waaay later in the afternoon. I opted for NOW. And off we went, I was ready in like 10 minutes…

Then I met Austin. In recovery!

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