#BabyASW = 2 Months Old!

My little one has me busy! He was 2 months this past Monday and I am so excited about that milestone. Well, you got me, I am excited about EVERY milestone. I found that I had been, apparently, calculating his age wrongly. I used an online site to properly do the calculations and now I know why his doctor set him up for his 2 month check up on a particular date.

He is a pretty chill baby…only wants to continually fight his sleep when we get to night time. Urgh. We have an appointment next week so I am anxious to see what his weight-for-age markers are so far. He is pretty chunky, which I absolutely love! At 5 weeks, 5 days, he was 13lbs and change. He is my new Mr Cheeks – you should see his cheeks slowly drop down when he wants to start crying. He reminds me of Stewie from Family Guy too, with those cheeks.


We start planning for our trip to Kenya/Ethiopia soon. Right now, he wakes up after five minutes in the bassinet, after I rock him to sleep then place him in his bassinet or on the bed. I feel like I have to sleep right next to him so he can keep sleeping, so I wonder how he’ll do on the plane.

I also have to remember that he can fool me so easily…he stays awake, cooing and smiling sweetly and drooling and looking around and then I forget the time and I found that unless I make him nap, he will party all day and then fight me like crazy when it gets to night time and I am trying to put him down for the night.

And there has been nothing like his explosive poops! That’s another one that will be exciting during our long haul 16 hr flight! He burps and farts-poops like an old frat boy.

Overall he is a good baby – chunky, smiles, laughs and gulps down breastmilk like it’s Hendricks and Ale with lime…

And I fall more and more in love every day!

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