It’s been ages since I wrote something. It’s been a whirlwind of breastfeeding, naps, bath time howling, diaper sizing freakouts and all while trying to work a full time job with baby on hip. My little is now three months old and change…boy, is his personality showing. I call him Mr Chuckles, Smiley McSmiley…you get the drift.

First of all, last month I had three appointments that I had to keep and I could not take Aus with me (as much as I wanted to)! Two were site visits for work-related matters (some grant recipients) and one was for my citizenship interview. I was having palpitations when I left Aus for the first time with his Abuela – my mom’s friend so graciously accepted to watch him for me for the three (felt like ten) hours I needed to be away. I dropped him off early when he was still deep into his morning sleep and I left almost immediately. When I came back, his Abuela said he woke up, drank some stored breast milk I had left with her and then started to fuss – his usual M.O because he is fighting his sleep – but he fell asleep. And then he woke up about five minutes before I arrived. I was so happy he did not cry the whole time! He would look at her and just grin at her and it just filled me with joy. His toothless grin is a trip – you cannot help but smile back! Abuela J watched him for me the second time too but this time when I dropped him off, he started to cry and would not stop. I was so close to calling my boss to say I could not make it to the site visit…but eventually, after 30 minutes and a boob in mouth, he calmed down, falling asleep at the breast. I left but I was so nervous! He did well after my departure, napping for a while and then he woke up about 30 minutes before I returned. My sister, Toni, watched him for me very EARLY when I went in for my interview. I know he loves her so I was not as nervous leaving. She has been the one person with whom Aus has never brought any issues with…I call her the Baby Whisperer.

Anyway, I can’t even believe how weird it felt to not have Aus around. I am so used to his presence and it was quite a change up for me to be present ( aka showered and dressed up) around other adults.

Aus is still a pretty good baby – pretty chill for the most part. He went and changed his cues on me so it got a bit difficult to tell when he was hungry, especially. Which is huge because my little chunk is chunky. He loves to eat. I am sure they meant it when they said you can never overfeed a breastfed baby but, man, Aus can sure put it away. If there’s a boob available, he will be feeding. He is now, at three months of age, filling out his 3-6 month jumpsuits and the other day, I had to put him in a 6-9 month onesie after he messed up the remaining clean 3-6 month ones. He fit in it pretty well. At 2 months of age, for his shots, he was 15lbs 9 oz…and that was 6 weeks ago so I wonder what he weighs now. I was trying to figure out his diaper size – his Abuela had us try on a Size 4, moving up from a Size 2 and that was like a dress so I ordered some Size 3 diapers and so far, so good. He loves to fall asleep propped up on my shoulder, sitting on my right forearm and, yes, I should be rocking. Sometimes he is SO heavy, my arm goes numb.

It is so amazing to see him grow and change. He talks now, babbles. And sometimes I will be in the kitchen and he’s in his swing and I hear him cooing away and laughing every so often. He gets uber excited when I place him on his changing pad – not sure why. He kicks his legs, smiles and babbles so loudly…then propels himself backward using his legs…it’s so funny to see. He is definitely a wiggler when it comes to diaper changes. I just noticed today that his arms are now long enough for him to mess with the tabs on the diapers so I can’t let him hang out in just his diaper any more. Pants and onesies are the order of the day! Thankfully, I ordered an air conditioning unit last month because it would get ridiculously hot out here in L.A – one day it hit 100 degrees. I had enough and ordered a unit online, overnight expressed it and installed it myself.

We are getting ready to leave pretty soon and I have started to pack. I never knew a little person could have so much stuff! I packed all his newborn stuff and gave it to a friend of mine who is expecting a little boy in December and it made me sad to see all his newborn stuff packed into a box. Who knew it would make me so emotional!? Urgh.

Anyway, we had a bunch of stressful moments this last month and it seemed like every time I took a step forward in the process of moving back to Zamunda, something came up to smack me in the face and shove me four thousand steps back! But I don’t know, some higher power somewhere gave me (and us) a break and things slowly started to straighten out. We are waiting for Austin’s passport and then we are off to Zamunda.

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