A Long Trip

It was a long trip.

The kind that made you

feel dusty inside and beneath your skin,

the sweat gathered in your pores;

discussing the best exit strategy with your self

for the dried upon sweat and dust that lives on, within and around you

when you disembarked from the huge metal container.

It was a long trip,

punctuated by fear, bouts of pleading and silent appreciation

for every minute that your offspring remained asleep and undisturbed.

It will never happen this way again,

loads of suitcases, 18 pounds or 8.4 kilos cradled delicately on your arm,

wearing his spit-up like a hesitant champion – lucky for you, you opted

for the white and blue shirt that never shows any stains…

It was a long trip,

a safari of a lifetime leading quietly into the next phase of life.

Worth it?

Time will tell. As for now, this long trip, dusty self and all, has ended.

A new trip has begun.


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