Austin has been busy growing up.

He currently is boasting 2.5 teeth. Right at the 5 month mark, his bottom teeth started to show – the left one popped first. Yeah, breastfeeding became an extreme sport…

Then now, at 7.5 months, his front teeth also started to show – his left one is practically all out and the white of the right is showing through. He wants to chew on everything in sight, especially on straps. Purse straps, bra straps, apron straps…you name it, he’s bitten and held onto it for dear life!

His meals are sort of boring, to me; butternut squash [we gave him so much of this in the first two weeks – his first food – that his eyes got all yellow. I thought he was jaundiced! My work colleague, a nutritionist, assured me that it was due to the malenge (squash) ingestion…phew. Fixed that by stopping the malenge and giving Irish potatoes, peas with pear (tip from mommy, Leah)]. He likes everything, I am super glad. Even peas. I tried them and gagged. More power to him.

I need more exciting recipes for him since he is approaching 8 months and can’t be stuck on puree for much longer. Any tips?

3 thoughts on “Milestones…

    • How are your girls!!?? I feel like I haven’t seen them in forever 🙂 Thanks, I think he is a super cutie…but I am biased.

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