Happy New Year

It’s a new year. I walked into it on the heels of dancing and quickly downed glasses of Viceroy Brandy with Stoney Tangawizi mixed in. I watched a new friend serenade her brand new husband, and my tears threatened to drop, despite my very best efforts. A wedding on New Year’s Eve was not how I expected to spend the new year. But it was great. It was in the middle of the great Rift Valley, and we had to stop halfway through our vehicular drive over some rough terrain (thank goodness for 4-wheel-drive capabilities) to let a family of giraffes night-chomping down on some greenery and brush move out of the way. I saw a hippo as we worked the car down the rough road in the inky velvet of the night as we left the party spot, headed back to our thatched cabin that had a view of Lake Naivasha.

It’s a new year.

Writing, creativity, self-expression, fashion, love, prosperity, faith, coupledom…all are ahead of me and I am excited. Thrilled.


Happy new year!!!

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