Book Dreaming

Books. I miss them. Mine are all piled up in a bin from our cross country move and I can’t wait to unpack them all. I am looking forward to either building my own bookshelf (Pinterest and YouTube University really instill a ton of false confidence when it comes to woodworking or DIY) or finding a good used one somewhere.

My dream is to have a full wall lined with bookshelves and filled with books. I can sit back in my favorite wingback chair, drink in hand (or milk chocolate bar, whatever works) and take some time to decide and pick my book of the day.

And then sometimes that dream turns into a picture of my cozy bathtub where I can soak in a claw tub with my book of choice, candles all around and soft reggae piping through from somewhere, rigged by someone. Notice I didn’t say that would be a DIY project? I know my limits.

Dreams are important to have. Here’s to mine. And having them all come true soon enough!



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