Rest in Peace, Jack McCoy?

Today was the icing on the cake. Jack McCoy died. Jack McCoy has been in my possession since last year in October/November when Austin and I were in South Carolina. He moved us from SC to Los Angeles to come help out a pal and we ended up staying. He had been faithful, only hiccuping once when the battery acted up when Talu took Austin for a date on the beach.

But today, September 19th 2018, he decided he wouldn’t turn over and start, and he puttered into silence as Austin, strapped into his car seat, gave the voiceover soundbite of the day: “Mama, the car is not working?”

After the last 10 days or so of things going to hell in a hand basket for me, I was about to just beat my head against the steering wheel but this morning, for some reason, I woke up feeling so positive. I was almost humming to myself. I didn’t. Because I am tone-deaf. I once was kicked out of Ms Okhoya’s choir at Lavington Primary because I couldn’t do-re-mi like the rest of them. Anyway, back to Jack McCoy.

So at least he puffed out in my parking spot. And I am trying this new concierge mechanic service ( to see if they will fix it for me without me having to tow it anywhere. They shall come in the morning tomorrow so we shall, wait and see.

This has been an outrageously taxing day – I walked 5.6 miles to and from Target to replace the Roku microUSB cable I inadvertently snapped off while lifting up my TV. I also discovered, once home and after hoisting a bag of Target shopping in my backpack (after all, who goes to Target for only one thing? And I had walked all that way…), I could have charged it with my phone charger. Ha.

I met a very warm Uber driver and we spoke the entire time we were doing rounds before picking up Austin. He could sing. Like saaaaaannnng! It was cool to talk with him and get some of his thoughts on horoscope signs (I am an emotional {he said moody} Cancer). I asked him something I like to ask of strangers – what are you doing right now to grow yourself? I liked his answer. He gave me a 2-in-1 answer because he added in what he felt he needed to do in order to build himself further. Service.


Now, the day’s theme of Let’s Mess with Mkhana only carried on from there.

What I would like to ponder instead of focusing on all the negatives that happened is how, through it all, I stayed smiling and, even now, late at night…tired from my long walk, hair afro all over because of wind and life and my wet laundry draped over every inch of available space in the living room (because the dryers did not dry a thing, even after I used two different ones. Farewell, my 2 dollars…), I am still feeling positive.

The bright spots of my day, though few, really outshone the dull cuts engineered by life today to trip me up. Seeing Austin at the end of the day, watching him play with my neighbor’s sons for the first time in our house; a surprise video chat from the love of my life from across the ocean after an unforeseen drought; talking with a young man about life, horoscopes, service and travel; having a neighbor help diagnose the car with his hand held tool; friends reaching out from all over to see if I needed anything.

Yes, I still feel positive. Life may knock me down but, as God is my witness, I will never be out. God does all with a reason. So all I can do, instead of whining and complaining, I shall choose to be thankful, joyful and gracious about my life on this day.

For life, for love.

  • – – – – – – – –

Update: Jack McCoy was revived.

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