Campaigning for your time

is really difficult.

I am not equipped for this,

I know not what the term limits

or expense guidelines are.

I reach for you

only to have my hand slapped away,

and reeling in hurt and confusion,

assumptions roll in heavily.

Assumptions are the dousers of feelings,

the killer of emotions,

they motion to you to lay down your weapons

and walk away, even when your heart is

thumping loudly and yelling at you

that you are in love.

And then when you reach out to douse that

douser that is an assumption,

you are called a complainer.

Complainers make life miserable,

so you shrink away even further,

walking on eggshells,

afraid to point out the crack in your heart

being forced open by a lack of attention,

reciprocity and consistency.

The three building blocks to establish trust.

Being put on hold when these three are shaky

and cracking even within themselves, and

once these three are absent from the scene,

the crack in your heart splits open,

and the fade to black begins.

Once the black crescent becomes a full arc,

you’ll never be in as deep as you once were.

Fading. Gone.


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