Too Much

They say time will heal, but all I say is they don’t feel this pain. A pain of no goodbye, and no more tomorrows. Healing is a funny term, when you are completely and utterly broken by a loss. It doesn’t seem possible, and people then say, time will heal, for lack of anything else […]

Taking Stock…

Making: adjustments to my go-go-go mindset now that Baby Aus is here…we are on his schedule. Eating: tons of brown rice – apparently it helps with breast milk production… Drinking: Water, water and more water.. Reading: Just got this book: ‘Lifesaving Lessons; Notes from an Accidental Mother’ byLinda Greenlaw. It is dry in some places […]

3 Weeks…and counting!

Tomorrow, at 0557, you shall be three weeks old. It has been a whirlwind – with me attempting to hold back so I don’t bust open a stitch…my inner panic at having you in the car seat when you are so little…trying to figure out why you are crying…and on it goes. But it’s been […]