Born a Crime?

I don’t have the words to weigh in, to condemn or to cry out in pain at all the unnecessary deaths, the targeting of people who look just like their attackers. Their only crime is to be born in a different country. My words fail me.


You used to call me mammi. I came across an old email from you, and it still warmed me to see your opening line…’hey mammi…’ It’s been 9 years almost since you were laid to rest, since I said my silent goodbye to you. But today, memories roared up suddenly and quickly, pushing me to […]


I want to remember who I was. Before fragility invaded my insides, tossing about and razoring my core, leaving behind scabs on scabs that my core gingerly balanced on, holding itself up pretending all was right when a puff of breath could bring it all down, scabs cracking as the core crumbles and it all […]

Ties that burn

“My Mummy is my Daddy” And with those words, he broke my heart. The mind, the innocence of a 3 year old. I knew not what to say. I held him close and muttered, ‘I’m sorry’ Ties that burn have yet to scald him, and he has yet to realize that choices were made that […]