Over the last two weeks, I have run into your closest friends. They did not recognize me at first sight. I don’t blame them. I have changed in the last 9 years. The last time they saw me was when we were lowering you into the ground in November of 2010. One looked old. I […]

Walking Wounded

I met a man with a broken heart. His eyes, if you looked closely, were sad. He dropped the veil as I looked at him, my own tears threatening to erupt. I realized there are many people walking around wounded. I was not the only one. His dance moves hid the pain etched within him. […]

The Stain of Silence

You stole my voice, smothered it silent, reaching deep within me to strangle it dead. This you-caused stain seeps deep, over and around the broken pieces within, keeping the flatline alive and soaking sinking deeper with every promptly delivered broken promise and veil of invisibility that you forcefully drape over me and that only serves […]

Most Beautiful

When the rain is coming down so hard, you can barely see past your nose, and the clouds hanging over you are so gray that they look like jet black puddles of broken smears… When the thunder of your own thoughts clashes and clangs, drowning out the lightning spearing out of your heart, and the […]