2013 Reflections…

I have missed writing. So much more than I ever thought possible. I haven’t laid a pen to paper since Attika passed away. No wonder I felt that I had lost a bit of myself during the last two years. I was moving my stuff today as I prepare for my post-graduate life, and I found an old piece that I wrote in 2002. And, suddenly it hit me, I missed writing.
I used to hide behind the cloak of my pseudonym, anxious about the reactions from readers, but I wrote…despite that anxiety. Now I have an urge to get back to what used to make me happy. Perhaps it’s the attitude and motto that I have entered 2013 with – ‘Getting back to what makes ME happy’. This has meant a variety of things – my favorite music, traveling, photography, dancing and…writing. It was inevitable that I would get back to this, my first love.  I lost it for a while, drowned myself in sorrow and academia, and forgot how much life writing breathed into me. I can’t wait to see where this new found oxygen takes me.

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