fade to black

You stare past me, do you see the splash of color

that is my heart bleeding into my soul, crying for you?

Or are you so blind, choosing not to see my pain

splattered in brilliant orange all over my face,

thickening my voice over the phone, turning my speech

into a sickening, fluorescent fuschia that burns…

You do not see me, do you see the splash of color

running from the heart balancing delicately on my sleeve?

My speech is peppered with the beige of uncertainty,

tentatively greying around the edges of my frayed emotions,

unsure if you are even open to the rainbow that I offer…

Are you so blind to the effect that you have on me?

My colors ran deep eons before, bright and untouched.

Heartbreak came twice and bleached them all out of me,

my tears ran translucent onto my ebony cheeks,

and the thought that I would forever be alone

painted the backdrop of my life a dull, uninviting grey…

yet you stare past me, do you not see the splash of color

that you re-introduced into the theater that is my life, my heart?

Or are you so blind? Making me fade to black

right before your color-blind eyes…

My butter-yellow, warmed-gold sunrise wants to give you back

the brilliance that was ripped from your heart,

painting it with a hue that would be uniquely ours.

You and I.

Tell me, how many rainbows should I paint

before you realize that my colors are for you,

and I want to color your life in much the same way

that you have done to mine…

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