Of Bones, Greed and SoulStains

Your machete cuts into me,
my tears melt into my pain
and my blood marries the two.
You say my bones are precious,
my colorless hair and my alabaster skin
the answer to your money woes,
But you do not see me,
my pain, my fear…
Your panga cuts into me,
you know me, you know me!
I am your neighbor,
your friend, your sister…
My blood stains the ground,
your hands, your knives…
yet you do not stop.
The sight of my albinic pale blue eyes
juxtaposed against my crimson African blood
that you have spilled around your feet,
fuels and feeds your fervor,
your charlatan-inspired search for an elixir
for youth, for money, for health
and you hack at me mercilessly,
your heart closed to my humanity.
Your greed blinds you,
my bones are crushed now,
my spirit broken completely,
fleeing into the heavens.
My tears have dried up,
leaving their salty trail on your machete.
Death is a welcome reprieve
from your blind hateful attack…
I descend unto the heavens
before my time
and you…?
You stay behind,
clutching your panga of death,
dancing over my lifeless body…
But nothing changes for you,
your money woes remain…
your greed stays the same…
My precious bones, hair and skin
pulled from my body by you,
in your desperate search for that elixir.
My life pools to nothing in your hands
yet nothing changes for you…
except for that stain and that sound…
the permanent stain on your soul,
and that eerie sound in your ears…
the sound of my untimely death.

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