Dear John…

You left a trail of kisses on the chocolate sky of my back,
please come back and claim them,
as coupled with the salted break in my heart,
those kisses are a little too heavy to bear.

Please come back for your hugs of sugar as well,
your morning hugs, your “just-called-to-hug-you-over-the-phone” hugs,
even the hug you gave as you so calmly broke my heart,
I willingly give back the diabetes from your sweetness.

You traced the line of my collarbone with your velvet lips,
please cease and desist immediately,
as that fire that you know builds up when you do so,
it now burns and smolders and not in a good way.

Please cease from deepening your voice when we speak,
it no longer sends fire rushing through my veins to light up my soul,
the rumble of your voice now turns my blood into ice,
my heart breaks anew each time I hear your voice.

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