Not sure where we stand,

things seem much more positive

than they did a day or so ago,

but still, I am hesitant…

my heart is in my mouth

and I am so very afraid

to let go and let you in

because you seem like the type

that I have been warned about before;

the love-’em-and-make-’em-weep type.

Still, I am not sure…

your proclamation may be real and true,

my fears unfounded…

so I take a leap of faith and decide to believe

To believe in you, and the us that you see.

Situations and circumstances may not be

in our favor at the moment,

and time and location are not necessarily on

our side, for our bond and for this stand of ours…

But I want to burn away my hesitation,

and reach for you just like you are reaching for me.

I hope you do not let me fall.

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