Let’s talk about love,

that feeling that everyone

strives for and

some attain,

some avoid,

some destroy.

It is supposed to

heal the world,

give you back yourself,

complete that other person,

warm your heart,

and it flourishes even more,


when pockets are empty

and all you have to lean on





What can you use to

define it,

describe it,

attain it,

attract it,

respect it,

resolutely aim for it?

Where’s the guarantee

that it will never

break you,

cut you,

rain on you,

feed on you

and toss you out?

Is that love

or is that your self-binding

definition and experience



Too many questions surround it,

too many unknowns about it,

nothing is concrete,

everything is pliable

about love.

One thing –

we’d all die to

have a lick of


The kind of love

that warms your insides,

and stays with you,

in spite of any




Love that lets you

be you,

and lets you be loved

and love

with no distinct definitions

and defined boundaries.

Love that can let you love.

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