Reading or Writing?

Yes, I am guilty. I promised myself that I would write as much as possible. I would post something on my blog almost every day (well, really, I had promised every day…but that’s neither here nor there) but I have been failing. I could blame work. Sitting at my desk all day, typing out things to do with my public health project, takes a lot out of me. I even pack my laptop and head home hours after the office staff have left, with the insane idea that I shall ‘work from home’. Instead, what happens is that I usually get home, drape myself on the couch and proceed to snack and watch some telly. I touch my laptop only if the lights have gone out, and I need to watch a movie or a downloaded video to entertain myself. I am guilty of not living up to my promise. I think about writing, every day. I wonder, often, if anybody is reading what I am putting out or if I am just writing for a sole audience of one. Me.

So, I took to reblogging other articles of interest. I am not ashamed to reblog. However, I do feel like my readers will judge me (all 3 of them or maybe it’s just the one – Toni, my friend in Berkeley) because reblogging may be considered a soft cheat. A cheat that is so soft, it allows me to post without really writing, without living up to my promise.

I should promise to change. To post more of my original stuff. However, there is some amazing stuff out here on WordPress. I just discovered Snotting Black. What a great writer. She is funny, intense, quirky…and entertaining. I love her writing. I discovered photography blogs that make me want to pick up my camera again. I bet if I found a lovable tennis blog, I would be wielding my racket this weekend, for sure.

It boils down to this. I may not write as much as I should or as much as I had promised but the reading has opened a whole new world to me. It has woken me up. The reading has made me promise, to myself, to read more. I know that once I read, then the writing shall follow.

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