18 Weeks (?), January 6th, 2014

So, I am not entirely sure how far along I am. Dr Lipeles, on Dec 30th, said I might not be at 16 weeks as I had originally been led to believe by my genetics ultrasound dating…I might be further along than that. He set me up with an ultrasound for 1/12/15 so we shall wait to see what the Radiologist reading says.

Your Papa and I came up with a name. I never realized that he actually listened to me because it was so sweet when he corrected me to include my last name as your middle name (well, for your American passport). We shall get you an Ethiopian passport because there is no way we are paying visa or entry fees to go to our countries. Ahem. I wonder if I can get you a Kenyan passport too…

Anyway, if you really are a boy like Dr Lipeles says, we have your name ready. But your Aunt Gee says what if it turns out to be a girl…well, I am ready, with Nia, Nuru, Siti or Wema. Let’s see what next Monday brings.

I am kind of worried about you in there because I still haven’t really felt you move. Maybe I thought I did…with what felt like gas bubbles aka butterfly flutters but I am so not sure if that’s you or my tummy acting up. My hips/pelvis area hurts like hell. Especially when I sleep. I cannot sleep on my back so I have been trying to figure out side-sleeping. I tried Aunt Toni’s air bed – disaster. At some time in the middle of the night, it lost some air and the pain in my left pelvic,lower hip area woke me up. Plus I was so so so cold. So I tried the couch last night…and I placed a bunch of rolled up blankets beneath me, positioned a pillow beneath.beside me as well and I actually got a good night’s rest. But now I am paranoid that I slept on my back and hurt you in the process. Jesus.

Plus I am hungry. I need to eat some meat. Had cereal this morning but I feel like I need to do more for breakfast. Like omelette it up and french toast with blueberries and uncheesed enchiladas…but then I get up and all I can do is hot cereal. I need to step up my breakfast game, really.

Ok, so on the job front, things are looking up. I have two opportunities from RHI (I interview on Thursday for the UCLA position and the other one is an admin position to start on Monday, the 12th). I am hoping something takes. I am also waiting to hear back from the LGBT center…a permanent job 🙂

Fingers crossed for everything! JTTW.

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