15 Weeks 3 Days – December 26, 2014

I told your grandmother about you and, boy, was she excited! I am really proud of the little video I sent to her. I waited for your Auntie B to tell her about your cousin first. Not sure why I wanted to wait but I thought I did not want to steal her thunder. Mayi was very excited though…she couldn’t stop thanking God and his mercies.

So, the pregnancy is going okay, I suppose. I spent Christmas nursing some cramps and period-like pains and I was almost panicking but I kept it together. I picked a doctor and he has great reviews on Yelp. Your Uncle Oren was amazed that doctors get reviewed on Yelp like your neighborhood Chinese joint…but, forgive him, he is Canadian after all. Actually, he is one of my most favorite people. We caught up on Christmas Eve and on Christmas, he works in Malawi for MSF. He found out about you without anyone telling him! Thanks to wordpress, I guess…some of the drafts got published and found their way into Oren’s feed. But I was going to tell him anyway so I am glad he found out.

I also told some other pals and their reaction was mostly positive. I am excited for everyone to meet you.

Back to the doctor that I found online. His name is Dr Jamie Lipeles and his office seems so welcoming already. I have my questions written down because I know I shall be forgetting something if I do not write it down.

I was craving Italian food so badly on Christmas day, it was ridiculous! I normally do not eat Italian food. I don’t eat cheese…so go figure. I was thinking about the meal that your Aunt Terry made when I was in Kenya some months back…maybe I was already pregnant at that time, now that I think about it! I was a week pregnant. Yes, I took a few minutes to calculate that. No wonder I wolfed down that meal she made. She made chicken with pasta and some deliciousness of a white sauce.

I am psyched for the appointment on December 30th because I think I will find out if you are a boy or a girl. Plus I will get another ultrasound so I can actually see you moving. You were so asleep last time and the more I think about it, the more I keep thinking that your heart looked like it was beating uber slowly. People say you tend to panic until you feel super pregnant. I still do not feel pregnant but I know that you are there.

Names: So I have been thinking about names. I reached out to a few people (Uncle Nick, Auntie B, Selina in Tanzania, Auntie Sophia) so that I could compile a list. Your Dad and I have decided that since you will have his last name, I shall have the honor of giving you your first name.

Girls: Nia, Nuru, Siti – These are the current frontrunners…

Boys: Austin – This only just occurred to me on Christmas Day. Not sure where it came from.

I do want to give you a Kenyan short-syllable name though…for sure.

Ok, I will sign off on that note! Love and kisses, mama.

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