Week 20: January 31st, 2015

I found a new template to switch out with my old one because I just wanted to do something a bit different every now and then. I also decided to finally publish my pre-tell blog posts. After all, my mama knows and your grandparents know. And I have told everyone that needs to know, including my work supervisor. Phew. It feels good to share what I have been keeping to myself and my circle for a few.
Dr Lipeles confirmed that I am at 20 weeks and Mr Gummy Bear should make his debut around the 19th of June. My sister is psyched because that is around her birthdate. I am just ready for my belly to really start showing.
In other news, I think I lost my ultrasound pics! Urgh. I was looking for them so i could make copies and paste them in my preg journal but now I have no idea where I put them. Pregnancy brain is real!

How far along: 20 weeks
Gender: BOY! And we have a name. Well, we only had one name (kinda) picked.
Weight gain: 9 lbs or so
Maternity clothes: Still clinging onto my regular clothes. My work pants and jeans barely close but my friend Anyes is sending me belly bands over this weekend. My friend Gloriane gave me some S/P cotton tshirts and I thought they wouldn’t fit BUT they are so comfortable AND they fit. My belly bump isn’t that big but it’s definitely showing in these shirts. I sort of just look like I stopped doing crunches three years ago!
Sleep: I have been missing sleeping on my back like crazy. I asked Dr L about it and he suggested pillowing it up and half propping myself up as I lay on my left side with the pillows propped up beneath me. I started getting these deep pelvic pains that wake me up from sleep and then I have to turn over. Doc said ligament pains. I say, ‘Ow’.
Best moment this month: Hearing the gummy bear’s heartbeat! I recorded it for his Papa and it was uber emotional.
Worst moment this month: The sheer amount of sleepiness that attacks me during my work day. Lordy. Oh, and when I took a tablespoon of aloe vera gel offered by my workmate when I got heartburn…and then I googled it and there it was: Do NOT take aloe vera gel orally if pregnant. My workmate was more panicked than I was and she made me call my doctor…who shrugged and said, just do not do it again. I heard that.
Miss anything: Missing your Papa. I know, I know. I also miss other non-baby related stuff. Well, I do miss Hendricks.
Movement: I started feeling movement a few weeks ago. Toni was playing music (well, a keyboard game on her iPad) and the flutters started. Now, I feel you all the time and I LOVE it. It’s all kinds of different movements from you. When I turn over during sleep, you sort of move with me and it always puts a smile on my face!
Cravings: Well, I haven’t had any cravings for Italian pasta like a few weeks ago. I do crave fruits like crazy!
Queasy or sick: I feel good right now. Even in the beginning, I felt more queasy than anything else. And hungry.
Looking forward to: My unconventional babymoon in a few weeks – yes, Rugby, Vegas, Hengs, Sun. My favorites.

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