16 Weeks (Maybe) – December 29th – 30th, 2014

I get to see my official doctor tomorrow. I found him because of Yelp. And yes, that is a bit weird but I do place a lot on reading reviews on Yelp. Plus, from his responses to folks, he can spell and knows how to use grammar appropriately. Anyway, I get to see him tomorrow, then pick up Aunt Toni from the airport. Then it’s off to print out some stuff for my second callback interview at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. I did not think they would call but last night, in the throes of hormonal ups and downs, I threw my hands up and declared, ‘JTTW’…i.e. Jesus, Take The Wheel. I am tired of not having a job and I am anxious to start working so I can get my own place. Your papa, on the other hand, has been traipsing around Lalibela…and I am officially jealous. I really wanted to see Ethiopia’s historical sites but he promises that we will all go see them together when you are older.

I found this on another lady’s blog (Oats and Honey) and decided that this was a nice way to streamline my documentation of our safari. I added in bits and pieces to make it a bit more geared towards me…
The reason there are two dates to this blog entry is because I shall confirm tomorrow for sure my due date. So far, each time I have gone to the doctors, I have received a different due date. Granted it’s only been twice but I had June 28 AND June 17 so let’s see what Dr Lipeles says. I hope he gives me an ultrasound tomorrow so I can hear your heartbeat. I am so nervous that you are not there because I do not really feel you yet. Ok, I will fill these out manana.
How far along? Doc said maybe I am 17 weeks (Dec 30) but we need a radiologist reading to confirm…so far, I have had 3 due dates: June 29, then 17 and now 9.

Total weight gain: 2lbs since my last ultrasound on Dec 3rd, 2014.

Maternity clothes?: Nope. I bought one shirt from Target when we were in the Bay but it is so ugly, I haven’t even tried it on.

Stretch marks?: None yet. Doing a bit of coconut oil, shea&vitaminE oil and J&J Baby Oil Gel to try and keep them at bay

Sleep: My hips really hurt so I have not been sleeping well. I need to sleep on my side but my hips don’t lie, they hurt like mad. Especially the right one. Many suggested the purchase of comfy pillows to stuff under my leg and behind my back. I tried it with a rolled blanket last night and it was not too bad.

Best moment this week: Hearing your heartbeat and having Dr Lipeles say you are a boy!

Miss Anything?: Having a job.

Movement: Not entirely sure, really…

Food cravings: None, really.

Anything making you queasy or sick: The choo. When I go into the bathroom, I feel sick BUT there is no obvious reason. Perhaps my body knows that that is where throwing up happens…so it’s a reflex? 🙂

Gender: Dr Lipeles thinks it’s a boy. My sister B is having a boy and my big brother, B, just had his second boy…oy.

Names?: Man, I had girls’ names all lined up…but so far, Austin maybe. Thinking about more Swahili type names to rep the Kenyan side.

Labor Signs: Er, no.

Symptoms: A lot of gas.

Belly Button in or out?: Out, but that’s normal

Wedding rings on or off?: No rings…

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. I do get stressed sometimes because I am jobless and have been looking for a while…

Looking forward to: Resolving my hip pain, getting a job and getting my own place so I can get our space ready.

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