22 Weeks, 5 days; February 19, 2015

It’s been a weird week. Nobody talks about all the ‘other’ stuff, ya know, the stuff I am experiencing this week. Belly distended all kind of ways, general GI issues…and I am missing my hunger cues. But I am not going to complain. I feel blessed to feel you moving each time you decide to share that you are awake and in my belly. I thought eating broccoli would help my belly but, oh no, it did not. Instead, I got quite familiar with the bathroom at work.

In other news, I had my final hurrah in Las Vegas! A babymoon of sorts. The International Rugby Sevens took place over Valentine’s Day weekend and I drove down to attend the festivities. Plan: Hanye on Friday night, Saturday rugby games, Sauti Sol concert, Sunday buffet time!. It was pretty cool to catch up with other Kenyans (crews from Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco/Bay Area, Dallas) and I got to show my itty bitty bump. Loved the maxi dress that I wore. It was extra comfortable, with an open back so I got to feel the warmth of the sun. I also sat with the Seattle boys and they took such fantastic care of me. Every time they got up to get beer or drinks, they got me some water and some food at some point. They also withheld judgement when I ‘borrowed’ fries and grilled meat chunks from other folks in our cheering section. Yeah, I was on another level!

We cheered for the Kenyan team, talked shop, and they, being fathers, gave me tons of advice on first babies. Unicorn has no idea what LV is but he was excited that I got to hang with some friends. It was sweet when he said that the next time, he would stay home with Baby Austin and I would be able to go dance the night away. Ha. Perfect.

We attended baby’s first concert; Sauti Sol. I was so excited because this was their inaugural performance in the US. They did a great job, complete with the shirt-off moments. I got to wear my Ethiopian dress, got some great compliments…and heels (yay!) which I have not worn in a while. I will not lie; having folks tell me that I looked fabulous was such a great picker-upper. It’s strange to think that by the next rugby round in the US, I shall have a son!

Rugby Bump!

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